About Us



Finding the perfect bathroom vanity can be difficult. There is so much on the market nowadays, and yet, there seems to be no standard for quality. All too often, you can order a product only to discover it's not what you expected! 

Who We Are
We are passionate about bathroom vanities but—just like you—finding the quality we expect is sometimes not quite as straightforward as it seems. Therefore, we are here to give you the high-quality products you always wanted! Each of our products is hand-curated and inspected for quality. Because, to us, nothing but the very best will suffice!

About Us
Vanity Bath Store (vanitybathstore.com) is a woman-owned business. We never compromise on quality; after all, every customer is special, and has put their faith in us to supply them with the quality products they expect!

The Founding of Vanity Bath Store (vanitybathstore.com)
We have been working with passion and dedication for the past 5 years to secure the brands and styles you desire for your dream bathroom. 

Our Mission
It is our mission to fulfill the demand for high-quality products. 

Our Values
We believe in inspiration – Inspiring new thoughts, open-mindedness, and creativity! We continually pursue growth and learning to make sure that all of our stock is the best it can possibly be!

If you’re looking for a high quality bathroom vanity, then you’re in the right place. We strive to make finding just what you want as easy and quick but if you have any trouble, our team is available to help you!! 

Chat with us from any page or leave a message and we'll get back you. Please provide as much detail as possible.